2012-06-07Vitaly Fedko, General Manager of War and Peace Media group takes part in Russian Innovation IPO Club sitting

July, 4 2012 the first orientation Russian Innovation IPO Club meeting was held which is under the aegis of the Innovations and Investments Market of the Moscow Stock Exchange and RVC JSC.

As the innovation sector of the Russian economy develops the innovative public sector of the Russian stock market begins to take shape as well. It is formed, particularly, within the bounds of the Innovations and Investments Market of the Moscow Stock Exchange. However, currently there are no formal or informal public associations, which could pertain to this fact. The creation of the Russian Innovation IPO Club aims to promote Russian technology companies that have implemented IPO, discuss common issues and share experiences in an informal setting.

The first orientation meeting was attended by Anatoly Chubais (ROSNANO), Alexander Afanasyev (MICEX-RTS), Igor Agamirzyan (RVC), Ivan Rodionov (HSE), Alexander Egorov (Reksoft), Alexey Kalinin (Baring Vostok Capital Partners), Sergey Nedoroslev (Kaskol). In addition, among the participants there were managers and owners of innovative companies that are already in the public market, primarily in the MII, and those that are about to enter the market, as well as key experts from the investment and innovation community.

Speaking at the meeting of the Russian Innovation IPO Club Alexander Afanasyev, Chairman of the Moscow Stock Exchange, said: "The Innovations and Investments Market is the ability to buy the future. This is a market of competing ideas, possible breakthroughs, and the new demand. We set the goal of not only mobilizing investments in innovative Russian companies, but also, in collaboration with partners, supporting the innovative sector of the economy by creating new platforms for communication of investors and business owners. The Russian Innovation IPO Club should become a site for this".

Among the issues discussed at the meeting there were the concept of the Club, its goals and objectives, the membership in the Club and the rules of procedure. Some of the key objectives of the Club are sharing investment mobilizing experiences, including the international markets, as well as promotion of the best techniques and corporate management standards in innovative companies’ activities. These and other problems must be solved through a dialogue between all the stakeholders.

Among the issues under consideration was the topic of high-tech IPO companies. During this particular discussion the participants found out about what the necessary conditions for a successful IPO high-tech company are, whether MII can become a "Russian NASDAQ", what is necessary for this, whether the "Russian NASDAQ" could help create an innovative economy, and other miscellaneous issues. "We hope that the formation of the technology company status community will promote the development of all participants of the innovation chain - from early-stage companies to those entering the IPO, which is extremely important against the backdrop of the Russian economy’s transition to the innovative way of development. I think IPO Club will be able to solve the problem by promoting success stories of innovative Russian companies, the promotion of the Russian stock market, and will also provide the necessary assistance for high-tech companies in the process of entering the public market," said Igor Agamirzian, CEO and Chairman of the Board of RVC JSC.

The next meeting of the Club is scheduled for autumn, 2012. 

About the Market for Innovations and Investments of the Moscow Stock Exchange:

The Market for Innovations and Investments of the Moscow Stock Exchange or the MII is a market sector for hi-tech companies, created by the Stock Exchange in collaboration with "ROSNANO". At present it comprises the securities of 24 issuers, including seven venture capital funds, with a total capitalization volume of RUR42.3 billion. Within the Market for Innovations and Investments there are three main functioning segments, designed for companies of various degrees of maturity and capitalization, as well as for different groups of investors:

• MII Sector is a market sector enabling innovative companies to conduct public offerings (IPO / SPO) and carry out secondary turnover for all modes of trade of the Moscow Stock Exchange (the organizer of the sales is MICEX CJSC).
• MII-2 Sector is a mode for private placement of stock with the use of technology and listing. The turnover is carried out among qualified investors within the commercial technologies specializing in the trade of large holdings of stock.
• IPOboard (www.ipoboard.ru) is a web-technology based site, which provides mechanisms of mobilizing investments by innovative companies in the early (pre-Exchange) stages of development.


RVC OJSC is a state fund of funds, a development institution of the Russian Federation, one of the key instruments for building the national innovation system. The RVC OJSC authorized capital is more than 30 billion rubles. 100% of the capital is owned by the Federal Agency for Management of State Property of Russian Federation (the Federal Property Management Agency) on behalf of the Russian Federation. The total amount of the funds generated by RVC OJSC is 12, they amount to RUR26.1 billion. The share of RVC is more than 16 billion rubles. The number of the innovative companies invested by the RVC funds has reached 118. The total amount of invested funds amounts to 10.2 billion rubles.