2012-29-06War and Peace Media Group holds annual general stockholders' meeting

Vitaly Fedko, General Manager of the War and Peace Media group, delivered the annual report on the results of the company’s work in 2011 to its shareholders. The AGM approved the media holding company’s annual report in 2011, the annual financial statements, including the profit and loss account of the War and Peace Media group in 2011. In addition, the shareholders decided not to pay the share dividends for the financial year of 2011 and to direct a part of the company profits to form the reserve fund, whereas the rest will be left undistributed.

According to the data presented in the report on the approval of the annual financial statement, including the profit and loss statements (profit and loss accounts) of the War and Peace Media group, in 2011 the company revenues amounted to RUR 592.694 mln., the net income being RUR 59.989 mln.

During the AGM, a new Board of Directors was elected, which now includes:

  1. Georges Leclere (President and Founder of the LGMA Inc, the Global Media Consulting Company);
  2. Justin Skroggie (Independent consultant in the field of format creation and development);
  3. Andrey Tanner (Department Head of Agitation and Propaganda of the St. Petersburg Regional Office of the Russian political party "United Russia");
  4. Patrick Höerl (General Manager of the German “Spiegel Geschichte” history TV channel);
  5. Gary Marenzi (President of Worldwide Television at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. and Marenzi & Associates).

There was no decision made as to electing the inspector, considering the lack of quorum.

Consult-Audit JSC. was approved by the shareholders as the auditor of the War and Peace Media group. In addition, at the AGM the Articles of Association were approved as amended.