2012-27-06War and Peace TV Channel launches online broadcasting

A special section called “Live transmission” was created on the channel website www.voinaimir.tv for the visitors to be able to watch the channel in real time. Broadcasting is optimized so that the online TV can work with a minimum Internet connection speed.

We managed settling all the technical issues in order to facilitate the viewing of free television programs and films of “War & Peace” TV channel for the widest possible audience. Thanks to the efficient work of our IT department, it will be possible for thousands of viewers to be connected to the online version of the channel at the same time”, said Vitaly Fedko, General Manager of the War and Peace Media group. “The next challenging stage is the organization of “War & Peace” TV channel’s full-fledged transmission using the IPTV technology, whose test broadcasting started a little earlier, as well as the channel promotion through cell phone applications. One can say for sure that soon everyone will be able to enjoy a high profile world-class content!”