2012-25-06War and Peace Media group holds online conference on FINAM holding company website

June, 26 2012 War and Peace Media group will hold an online conference on the financial year of the company as well as the further development strategy of the media group on the FINAM investment holding company website. 

The online conference on the finam.ru website is to start at 11.00, Moscow time, and will be attended by Denis Pryanichnikov, Head of the MICEX-RTS Innovation and Investment Market JSC., Vitali Fedko, CEO of War and Peace Media group, Irina Smorzhevskaya, Strategic Development Director of War and Peace Media group, Svetlana Zinurova, listing agent analyst at the "SkyInvest Securities" JSC. Innovation and Investment Market of MICEX-RTS, as well as Nelli Matveeva, FINAM Global Fund analyst. 

Within the bounds of the online conference the participants will become familiar with the War and Peace Media group annual financial results, learn about the further development strategy of the holding as a public company, assess the prospects of the new projects, and consider the current situation in the media market as a whole. In addition, during the event, the results of the company stock circulation in the MICEX-RTS innovation and investment market sector will be discussed. The stock trading began on November 30, 2011. 

"It’s not the first time we’re taking part in such an internet project which is another public resource for disclosure of the information about the media holding company”, said Vitaly Fedko,  General Manager of  War and Peace Media group. “This time we shall present the results of our activities for 2011 and speak about the further plans to increase society capitalization", he added. 

Supplemental information: 

FINAM Investment Holding (Moscow) has been working in the stock market since 1994. The main activity is brokerage services in domestic and international securities markets. According to an RBC Rating Agency research, within four years, from 2007 to 2010, Finam Ltd. ranked first in the largest Russian brokerage companies rating in terms of turnover. In 2010, the holding company was awarded “The MICEX Prize” in the categories of "The leading operator in terms of customer transactions" and "The leading provider of stock market", as well as the "Financial Elite of Russia" award (Grand Prix) - "Five years’ Investment Company in the stock market". 

The MICEX-RTS innovation and investment market (MICEX-RTS IIM) is a stock exchange sector for high-tech companies with small and medium capitalization which was created by MICEX Ltd. together with "ROSNANO" JSC. on the basis of the pre-existing Innovative and Developing Companies Sector (IDC Sector).