2011-27-12JSC War and Peace Media Group is recognized as the Breakthrough of the year.

War and Peace Media Group JSC "MICEX-RTS" awarded the Diploma to JSC War and Peace Media Group as the winner in the category "Breakthrough of the Year". The ceremony was held at the Marriott-Pushkin Hotel on December 26, 2011.   

"We are grateful to the specialists combined MICEX and RTS markets for marketing support, assistance in finding investors, recognition and, of course, for the work that the market daily performs, providing for our shareholders technical ability in every day to buy or sell shares," said General Director of War and Peace Media Group Vitaly Fedko.          

Trading in shares of JSC War and Peace Media Group started in the market sector of innovations and investments of MICEX on November 30,2011. With the support of MICEX, Media Group has held several online-conferences for investors and analysts, during which it was told about its plans for the implementation of its creative concepts and strategies on the capital markets.