2011-10-11The representatives of JSC War and Peace Media Group will discuss the prospects for the development of its international projects in China.

Sichuan TV FestivalThe Members of JSC War and Peace Media Group will participate in "Format`s Day" to be held in the 11-th International Sichuan TV Festival in the city of Chengdu, the province Sichuan, China. 

At the "Format`s Day" there was scheduled private meetings of the representatives of JSC War and Peace Media Group with the leadership of China`s largest TV companies and film studios. They will discuss the participation of Chinese companies in the international projects of War and Peace Media Group "Play for the Future" (an international title) and "Epistle from the Four".                                                              

The content of the formats, created by War and Peace Media Group is important for Chinese audiences. Our participation in Sichuan TV Festival will be another step in advancing our company in the Chinese TV market, - said General Director of War and Peace Media Group Vitaly Fedko. One of the co-organizers of Sichuan Festival is a Chairman of the Board of Directors of War and Peace Media Group Georges Leclere. At the Festival another Member of the Board of Directors of War and Peace Media Group Justin Scroggie will make a report on today`s TV formats.                           

The International Sichuan TV Festival is one of the largest regional TV festivals of Asia. It helds every six months and gathers producers and the world`s leading experts in the field of the creating of TV formats, as well as management of major regional and national TV channels in China.