Objectives of the strategy until the year 2015:

  • Upgrading the TV channel "War & Peace" to the level of "cult" project.
  • Raise the coverage of "War & Peace" channel to 75% of the pay TV audience in Russia and CIS.
  • Expansion of TV channel "War & Peace" in North America, China / Southeast Asia, Europe.
  • Withdrawal of international co-production projects, up to 200 films a year.
  • Raise the level of consolidated EBIDTA up to 270 million rubles a year.


  • The development of high-quality visual and audio updates of "War & Peace" TV channel graphical package.
  • Launch of TV formats "Play for the Future!", "Epistle from the Four".
  • Creating a series of multiserial documentary projects for sale in Russia and abroad.
  • Development system for creating "artifacts" that are unique short film materials, implementing dynamic aspects of visual and sound environment "War & Peace" TV channel.
  • Creating a multi-project online internet project b2b for search and distribution media content.
  • The development of an umbrella brand "War & Peace" and brand-carring products in the field of cosmetics, traditional medicines, food, gaming, cafe-clubs "V&M".