Key events

2009 year

TV channel "War & Peace" was founded in 2009

In 2009, CEO of the production company "Corona Films" Vitaly Fedko decided to establish the actual channel, that examines the history through the logic of events of the present and expected future. TV channel called "War & Peace".

"Corona films" has received the right to summarize two nominations of the 30th Banff World Media Festival

Chiefs of the Russian studio "Corona Films" judged films in two nominations: "Films about the world and man" and "Interactive films for TV and new media". Voting took place at their studio in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg became the first in the history of the Festival BANFF Russian city, where jury of the festival were in session.

2010 year

Vitaly Fedko represents Russia in the finals and the awards of the 31st Banff World Media Festival.

General Manager Film Company "Corona Film" and TV channel "War & Peace" Vitaly Fedko was Russia's representative to the jury. And on behalf of the jury award he awarded the "Best Project for New Media."

Starting channel "War & Peace" on the satellite platform NTV Plus and the "Tricolor TV"

The launch of the channel was preparing for half a year. There were lengthy negotiations, complex technical training. The final run of the channel ended only late at night on the eve of the launch. In July 2010 the channel "War & Peace" began to broadcast on the platform NTV Plus, and in August - on the "Tricolor TV".

Presentation of the channel "War & Peace" in New York.

The International Festival "War and Peace Global Festival" (New York) presented the TV channel "War & Peace".

2011 year

Consolidation of the company "Corona Films" and channel "War & Peace" as part of the War and Peace media group

Media group “War and Peace” was created as a result of consolidation of the assets of the film studio "Corona Films" and TV channel "War & Peace". Management of the Media group has decided to bring it to the stock market to raise equity capital for the implementation of complex international projects in emerging markets, the entrance to the cable networks and the production of new media products.

Expanding audience of "War & Peace" to 3.5 million

Channel "War & Peace" returns to the satellite platform "Tricolor TV" in the package "SuperOptimum." In few months active audience of the channel grows to 3.5 million.

Participation of representatives of media groups in the 32th Banff World Media Festival.

Representatives of the film company "Corona Films" headed the semi-finals of the 32th Banff World Media Festival in the category "Documentary films about politics". Representatives of TV channel "War & Peace" were included in the jury of semi-finals in the category "Children's game program". For the third time the judging of several nominations, the festival was held in St. Petersburg.

2012 year

2013 year

2014 year